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How to Order


Decide which product(s) you want to order from the Product List
(If you order by web this step is not necessary. Itīs included in the web-form.).

2. Find specific payment and shipping information for your payment and shipping method of choice.

First time customers are normally required to pay in advance. If you are not a first time customer, please try to find the invoice date of your previous invoice for our discount calculation. 
4. Proceed to a specific ordering method below.


Order by E-Mail

1. Write to us an e-mail, including your Purchase Order number
    and complete shipping address.
2. Calculate price; add in the shipping fee

3. Confirm order.
Send to our E-Mail

Fax Your Order

1. Fill out the order form.
2. Print the order form.
3. Fax the completed order form: Fax +46 46-13 96 39.

It is not possible to include additional conditions on the order (not present on the "order by webb" page) by filing a Fax order. A conditional Fax order (using a customer's own Fax order form) may be rejected.
Please add you Purchase Order, if available.
Go to Order Form by Fax (HTML)

Order by PayPal

1. Fill out the order form.
2. Calculate price

3. Confirm order
Go to Order by PayPal

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